ART: Becca Moody

Becca Moody is from Birmingham, currently studying philosophy at Cardiff University. She has a love for Monet, playing piano, watching stand-up comedy and runs her own comedy site, MoodyComedy. She has written for The British Comedy Guide, The Velvet Onion and Fest.


My favourite thing to paint has always been natural landscapes and so I decided to challenge myself by adding reflections and a more muted colour scheme, so that the piece had a more mellow feel. My favourite part of the painting was a last-minute addition – the yellow splatters across the path to which I added tiny green stems to give the illusion of a scattering of wild flowers.


This piece is quite typical of my work – it began simply, with a limited colour scheme and basic shape construction, before developing into a painting showcasing all colours of the spectrum, but in a relatively subtle way. This composition spawned a series of similar mountain landscape paintings which are some of my personal favourites.


This painting was a small experimental piece I did that measures only around 20x20cm. At the time I was creating a small body of work featuring mountains because I love the layers they can give to a piece. Channelling my inner Kurt Jackson, I splattered vibrant colours over the top to bring the attention to the front and away from the hazier backdrop.