ART: Étude by Tomos Morris

Tomos Morris is a graduate from Bath Spa University with a BA in History and English Literature. He has taken a year out from further study and currently lives in Cardiff to pursue writing aspirations. His current interests are ideas on abstraction, minimalism, and empty space.

This piece is the result of my exploration in abstraction. It began with producing a poem that held no remarkable qualities. Out of an interest of what lies behind the word, I then decided to open a dictionary and find the definition of each word, to then replace its original word. I then applied this process again to that developed piece, and étude was the result. What was initially an exploration behind the word itself, then became a complex journey – down the rabbit hole so to speak – of a linguistic system I then felt somewhat trapped in. The use of underscores was employed to signify the relationship that each sign of each word has in conjunction within said system. The overall result was a conceptual resonance that was the prison of language I found myself trapped in; exemplar of the discourse I used to make such explorations in abstraction.



Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 12.04.32



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