POETRY: The Ancestors & Lovers by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)

Victor Brauner, A la découverte de la conscience (discovering consciousness), (1956)

Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon) poet, anarchist, occultist from Hungary. Earlier books: (szellem)válaszok – ghost answers (1990), A Nap és Holderők egyensúlya – Balance between the forces of the Sun and the Moon (2011), Kiterített rókabőr – Fox’s skin, vomit (2017). Known spiritualist medium, explores the relationship between magic and art.

The Ancestors
(Translated by Johanna Semsei)

They have come from the sky,
the down-hurled.

Ancestors tucked up in warm cocoons, sleeping.
Guardians from the depth of the oceans Hell,
the urge of millions – Cryptic like hunger Ereskidal fast asleep,
his bed – like a blood soaked net, Damp breath, clam mouth opens suggesting accusations, his message is a call. “Do as you please, thats the only law.”
The Lenin – boy, face full of stubble,
pushes the bike with the cross of Christ Gapers everywhere,
staring, orotund laughing confirms the end of his performance.

The Ancestors who have been pushed aside,
looking confused, its breathing.
Kneading and malaxating,
and finally the Sea drinks blood once again, and they are climbing,

arks are climbing,

towards the shore.

(Tarot Major Arcana 6.)
(Translated by Johanna Semsei)

Our bed is the altar.
Our God, out of His mind, in an uncontrollable ecstasy.
Becoming one, under the two naked Moons.
Androgynous mirror: the ancient mysteries of “Me”

in the beauty of your other half it will appear.

Floating and diving that manifests.
The Ocean is greedy. No foam, neither sediment.
Overcoming the balance, beyond the percived.
Two Fugitives, curled up to one-another.
The locks are sobbing… Slowly released…
Pulled onto a skewer, it’s floundering.

Branchiae is the door. Diving bell is the house.