We are looking to put out a pamphlet with an writer/s or artist/s. Send us your writing, artwork or ideas in any medium, with any ideas you may already have for exploration or presentation. How can we break down the barriers that separate us?

We are particularly looking for tracts of political/aesthetic/spiritual/transformative prose/poetry/art of any kind, and to break up the conventions of a book in a way that will enable people to deeply experience a new perspective, to transform their worldview.

Send us an email at with your ideas and we’ll let you know more information.

Deadline for our next print run is 15th of May, but if you get it to us sooner it will be ready for some upcoming fairs/poetry events.

Artwork:  John Flaxman, The Beatific Vision from ‘The Divine Poem of Dante Alighieri’ (1807)