ART: Inside Out by Manon Williams

Manon Williams, originally from West Wales is an 18 year old radio presenter, journalist, and photographer. Heavily influenced by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton, Man Ray, Giulio Turcat and particularly the music genre Shoegaze, which often incorporates dark distorted noises. She has succeeded in translating these inspirations into her latest installation. A triptych of darkroom photograms incorporating dead flies and human teeth extracted from her own mouth. This series conjures a prevailing sense of individuality, with underlying characteristics of Gothic art and German Expressionism.

She has exhibited at the following galleries; Cardiff MADE, Elysium Gallery, Cinema and Co, The National Gallery and The Tate Modern.

Manon still practices photography having since bridged the border between art and music in the form of a music zine titled, “No Future” which sees a combination of reviews, interviews, artwork, photography, and poetry on a monthly basis.

You can see more of Manon’s photograms in the first issue of Lumin Journal, and can check out her zine No Future here.


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